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Monday, December 12, 2011

Santa Came Early! SSS Announcement

My SSS partner is the BEST!!  No one can claim that honor ever again.
Today started out kind of crummy: I woke up with a cold and I still had to go to work.  The office was cold (Monday, ya know) and the dog spent the entire morning under a quilt next to my chair.  I wanted to be there with her = O  .

There was a slight commotion when the Fed Ex guy left a package.  IT WAS FOR ME! and it wasn't anything that I had ordered.

 It was so cutely wrapped.  Don't you love that fringe she used?

When I opened it, it was stuffed with treasures.

 Even the stocking was full!

 She really read my profile. There's a Santa candle holder, a sweet carved-stone covered-box, a Christmas story book, and an angel.  Too too sweet!

But there was more.

A bunch of fat quarters and a charm pack.  I can't wait to get these under my sewing machine.

She also included the cutest Christmas cocktail napkins and spreaders, a book by one of my favorite authors and an iTunes gift certificate. 


HOMEMADE COOKIES!!!  The bags were tied with the cleverest ribbon.  See it at the bottom:  It looks like Santa's belt and belt buckles.  The cookies are delicious.  You KNOW I had to open them and sample a few (maybe more).  I think I remember reading that you should feed a cold.  Right?

My SSS swap partner took very good care of me.  She fed my soul, my mind, and my tummy.
Today ended up being a very good day after all.  Thanks!

Thanks to Suzanne for hosting this fun event.  Go check out what other people got from their swap partners.  If someone's blog name has *** in front of it, it means their package has arrived and they've blogged about it.

Here's to you having a good day, too!


  1. Looks like Santa came early... what a haul!

  2. My word, Santa just about emptied his bag at your house. A wonderful SS package.

  3. Love the Santa candlestick - and stocking... and...

    Your Santa did good. ;)

  4. Loved seeing your package! That stocking is a great idea! I am getting new ideas for next year if there is a SS again.


  5. WOW, you did well. It is so much fun see what everyone is getting.

    Merry Christmas

    Cathy's Cupboard Calamity

  6. Isn't this fun? I've loved going around and seeing what other people received. Your box was filled with terrific things.


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