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Friday, December 9, 2011


Strings and more strings.!  I am so glad that I love strings because Bonnie Hunter's Orca Bay mystery had us making many more. I pulled strips, cut more strips, cut papers to size and sewed like a mad woman. I got five done :-O
Well,  OK I may have played with my iPad a bit. There were a few emails I read. I might even have worked on some of those adorable pink strings that aren't quite done. But I did get FIVE brown ones done!!!!

Hop over to see what others accomplished during their FNSI.  The button's on the right.



  1. ha! some times I mess around when I "should" be sewing too! the brown ones are very nice!

  2. Love your brown string blocks! You got more sewing done last night than I did...


  3. Chris, this may be a duplicate message and forgive me if it is. I emailed you on the deadline for the SSS package. Please if you emailed me I can not find it, so please email me the delivery confirmation number or let me know when you are shipping. thanks.


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