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Monday, April 1, 2013

Design Wall Monday

OK. So this is actually my floor.  This beast got too big for my wall.  I think it will be done when I fix the point at the bottom.  Do you think it nerds a border?  More multicolored ones as a border?  No border?  



  1. Well, I love red, so I could see a red border, to tie in the heart. Or a white border to go with the white inner heart. But I think it looks good as it is, so I don't know if you really need a border. (I guess I'm not much help, am I?)

  2. Love it and I say no borders!!

  3. I would add a border if you want to make it larger. But I say as it is, it doesn't need more!

    The colors work great together.

  4. I think it's fine without a border - BETTER than fine!

  5. I can see a red or a black border. way to use those string blocks!!

  6. Wow! Thems a lot of string blocks! Congratulations on a great (almost) finish!

    I have no opinion on whether or not to use a border... your call!

    (also known as "passing the buck")


  7. I've never seen string blocks arranged like this before ... very cool! I vote for no border :)


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