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Saturday, March 2, 2013

My New Best Friend

I will finish Bonnie Hunter's 1911 Mystery Quilt, Orca Bay.  I will.  I really will. That is, if I can ever stop turning parts the wrong way.  If you look closely at the two blocks on the left, you can see that the brown string triangles are facing the wrong direction.  I've done this with at least 8 blocks.  ACK!  As a result, I've become very close with my new friend, Mr. Ripper.  And I don't mean Jack.

What are you doing on your Saturday??



  1. I do that all the time if I don't lay it out right next to me and even then I sometimes do it! I really like this. it's busy but really fun.

  2. Won't it be beautiful when you are done though. And you will love it that much more due to all the work --and rework -- you put into it. :)


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