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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Projects in Grocery Sacks (PIGS)

Pig Pen

I was blog-cruising yesterday and I stumbled upon a cute button on Infinity Quilter's Blog.

I can't figure out how to imbed the button here so you'll have to look on the right side of my blog.  It's called "Year of Pigs."  I think it is the most clever button I've seen in  a while.

Of course, I had to check out the blog and see what the Pig thing was about.  She has a clever idea that I think might be useful without adding pressure to complete things.  It's more of a process to build awareness about what you have.  She plans to ask a few questions per month to guide you.  The first question was how do you store your UFOs and PIGS.

I have pigs Every Where.  I need to build a pen for them so I have all my pigs in a Pig Pen.  HM.... I'm thinking a large rubbermaid tub.  It should be clear so I can see them all.  Out of Sight Out of Mind definitely rules my life.

That may be my next organizational project: Dig up a clear tub and gather all my pigs into their new pigpen.

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  1. I am diligently trying not to accumulate PIGS but do have a couple of flimsies that are folded and hanging on coat hangers in the closet. That way, I see them each time I go into the quilting closet and they remind me that need to be finished.


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